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Blank Greetings Cards

Packs of four greetings cards of assorted designs. Choose between Lesley's florals or landscapes, or both!

Blank inside for your own message, each card measures 15cm square and comes individually wrapped with an envelope.

Each set of four bound with green raffia string and costs £10, plus postage. Ideal as hostess or Christmas presents!

Contact Lesley using the link below.

Florals Pack
Landscapes Pack



Electronic transfer to Lesley's bank account is the preferred payment method. Contact her for details.


Delivery/collection of paintings will be made in person wherever possible, e.g. in the Edinburgh area.

Otherwise, delivery charges will be added to the cost. These will be assessed on application. 



As is standard, Lesley reserves the copyright on all her work. Do not reproduce in any format.



To hear of new work and exhibitions you can follow Lesley on Instagram or Facebook under LesleySkeatesArt, or subscribe to Lesley's Newsletter via email. See above for links.


Please note that due to the thickness of the paint, Lesley's paintings can take up to a year to dry before they can be varnished. Any unevenness in the sheen of the paint surface during the drying process is completely normal. Customers can return their paintings to Lesley for varnishing free of charge, after a year from completion.

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